WHATS HOT NOW: Howdy Ho little waffles! Ok... well heres our site in all its glory, horible isn't it? Nah, its ok, just needs more stuff. If you notice none of the side links work...at all. So look around in a few days when we have stuff to look at and remember.. God Bless Da' Waffle... or was it brush after every meal... I can never tell.

Dylan runs! Dylan runs some more! Dylan runs until he can't! Classic!

Three guys play chicken, and try to disguise it as a science project. Things go horribly wrong.

Dylan mowes the lawn, and runs into a bit of trouble.

It wasn't real gas.

Cartoon!!! THIS IS A CARTOON! IS FUN! I LOVE IT! YAH! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... this is a test description...love it!! Or else...