Ethnic Identity and Parties (Paper sample)

Ethnic Identity and Parties

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Using a single description to explain ethnic identity presents reasonable parameters important in categorizing ethnicity that can produce various ethnic parties’ counts. Then it provides a wide variety of parameters that are necessary for organizing parties, demonstrates how previous literature in the analysis of ethnic parties may be adequately addressed using certain parameters compared to others while identifying insights regarding options. This essay critically analyzes various views about ethnic identities and parties.

For several decades, political scientists have been involved in discussions regarding the identity to use to describe ethnicity.  Ethnicity has been described as an umbrella model of groups differentiated regarding color, tribe, religion, language, castes among others (Chandra, 2004). Current speculative information on ethnicity uses the umbrella of categorization.  However, some allege whether it is necessary to eliminate caste or not; and if it’s necessary to include region as well as a clan. The bottom line is no definition matches such classification. Some political scientists fail to describe ethnicity before using it. For example, Chandra, (2004) counts ethnicities regarding the region, although it’s unclear whether they fulfill the description of ethnic origin.  Such classification is important specifically when it comes to building and evaluating theories regarding ethnic identities and concepts of ethnic diversities, riots, parties, voting among others –as an independent parameter.

On the other hand, the existing constructivist position about identity by alleging that it is developed on multiple and fluid presents no justification to define identities. Moreover, it provides the ill-equipped basis for examining the “tough” dynamic as well as essential allegations of contemporary identity politics. While soft constructivism permits putative identities to proliferate, they lose analytical acquisition (Brubaker & Cooper, 2000). Therefore, if identities are everywhere, they are nowhere. Nonetheless, if it is fluid, and then it becomes intricate to recognize approaches in which self-understandings can congeal, and shape up. In contrast, if identities are constructed, it can be challenging to comprehend the occasionally coercive power of exterior classification. When it comes to different nature of characters, it’s unclear regarding the horrible singularity that is regularly attempted and at times accomplished by leaders aiming to change mere groups into exclusive and distinct categories.

Laitin, (1998) views identity regarding transitioning from childhood to adolescence they are exposed family, society, and national history. They are raised with a particular repertoire of language and religion practices. In most cases individual identities change based on the degree of aggregation; in the society, they identify themselves based on the socioeconomic background, within their nation according to politics. The majority of communities maybe particularly in the present-day have cultural entrepreneurs in charge of providing new identity groups including racial, sexual orientation and region with the goal of getting “shoppers”. If the product sells, such entrepreneurs become leaders of the constructed ethnicity, religion and so forth.

In short, it is important to put into consideration that identity cannot be inherited like skin color, although it is developed like art. Ethnic identity and parties are associated with various aspects regardless of social or religious practices, belief, principles, and commitments.


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