Swholli Writes

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A Collection of Writings

By Scott Hollingsworth

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What follows are a collection of manuscripts (as of now all unfinished) for possible novels and/or short stories written by Scott Hollingsworth, aka Swholli. Also included is a collection of exscripts of a few essays for writing style consideration. There's even a Doctor Who fanfiction at the bottom because it's the only time I've ever written fanfiction (please ignore that one).

All material here are original writings and belongs to the author under a creative commons license. They may be redistributed so long as no changes are made to the work and credit is given to the author. These stories are in their unedited state and will most likely not reflect their final publication (should they ever be publicized).

The manuscripts are hosted via Google Docs and thus are subject to edits. If you happen to enjoy any of these stories you can come back at any time to see if new additions have been made.

If you liked anything you read above, feel free to leave constructive criticisms below! Comments will be moderated so please be civil and polite, but otherwise go ahead and tear into me, bro.