Scott Hollingsworth

Creative Problem Solver

Hi, I'm Scott Hollingsworth

i make stuff

I’ve been creating digital art for more than twenty years and I’m only 27! I’m a writer, content creator, video producer, editor, actor, digital artist, and 3D modeler. 

At a very early age I knew exactly what it was I wanted to be. More than anything, I wanted to create. I’ve ran small-time Youtube channels, created feature length machinima films, and am avid in the world of video games, technology and digital media.

I deliver results to my clients, I’m all about working with other people, and I’ll go above and beyond to achieve that goal: making stuff.

My Skills

10+ years of experience...

Having been creating different forms of media since I was a child, I’ve been using the Adobe Creative Suite for a long time.

I’ve been using Adobe Audition since it was called Cool Edit Pro and Adobe Flash since it was called Macromedia Flash.

I’m proficient in video, photography, animation- you name it, I’ve tackled it.

Adobe Premiere 95%
Adobe Audition 95%
Adobe Flash 85%
Adobe Photoshop 80%
Adobe After Effects 65%
Adobe Illustrator 55%

Scott Hollingsworth

Creative Problem Solver