Scott Hollingsworth

Media Manager  |  Marketing Professional  |  Creative Problem Solver

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About Me

Hi, I'm Scott Hollingsworth. I make stuff.

I've been creating digital art for more than twenty years (and I'm only 27!). I've also been a Media Assistant Manager and Store Manager for the Cleveland based record store The Exchange for four years.

At a very early age I knew exactly what it was I wanted to be. More than anything, I wanted to create. In my world there was an infinite amount of things I wanted to see exist and none that actually did. I knew that I had to be the one to make that happen, so I began my long and exciting career as an artist.

If an artform exists, there's a good chance I've tackled it. I was hungry for it and to this day still am. I'm constantly picking up new skills and tricks that will help me create the art I want to see in the world.

While at The Exchange I've learned invaluable leadership, teamwork, time-managment, and service skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Leading a small crew of people I've helped turn our store around toward profiting, implimenting service skills that have always come naturally to me.

As the Media Assistant Manager I've written scripts for commercials, edited video footage, created instagram stories, and proofread Facebook posts. I'm the go-to person for when the Media Manager needs that second opinion on a project, and together we've helped create social media campaigns that rival some national companies; all for a ma and pa, hometown store.